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Windows Phone

My first Smartphone was Symbian based Nokia 3650, followed by dozen Windows Mobile devices like HTC Magician, HTC TyTn and HTC Touch. After Nokia’s great 3650, the iPhone 3G was my second attempt to run on a non Windows Mobile device. Although it was beautiful experience, one must admit, that iOS was at this time really laggy. So I switched again – Read the rest of this entry »

Some things I’m excited about, some things I’m less excited about. This sentence, which perfecty represents what I’m feeling is an allusion to Joes Belfiore’s short statement to the question about possibility of Nokia using Android. In the beginning were rumors and at the end is the bitter reality.

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For more than two months I am now owner of a Microsoft Surface RT.  This is just a quick review about my experience.

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A long time after Microsoft $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype you can get finally touch with the new Live Messenger and Facebook integration. Read the rest of this entry »