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Maybe you are surprised, maybe not, but fact is that you can increase the performance of reading and writing data with the explicit database connections.

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There are many approaches how we can join the data in the memory with the data in database. But you should know the advantages and disadvantages for each one.

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The performance measurement is one of the most important things in the software development. Performance should be addressed throughout the whole development process and not only when the risks become problems. Major motivation for running something in the cloud is the fault-tolerance and scalability. Notice: without performance, scalability doesn’t exists.

“Performance and scalability are inseparable from each other. It doesn’t make sense to talk about scalability if a software system doesn’t perform. However, a software system may perform but not scale.”

This article shows you an approach how to dynamically measure performance of your code at runtime. With the help of PostSharp I created the aspect which is applicable to the all members in the solution. This aspect is using the performance counter of type AverageTimer32  to the measure average execution time. Read the rest of this entry »