The most disruptive thing when I’m working is when my phone need my attention. The question is why I need take my eyes away from the screen? It would be great if I can interact with my phone directly from the machine I’m working on.

The whole prototype can you see in the video below. Let me know what do you think about. I you like this idea vote for it here.

Wireless connection

The first thing is to connect your Windows Phone with the Windows. To connect your Phone with the Windows you simply place the phone near your computer. That is. After second or two is your phone connected.

Windows Phone disconnected Windows Phone connected

On the left side isn’t phone connected now, on the right side was connection successfully

Windows Phone screen mirroring

When the Windows Phone is connected to the Windows the whole screen is mirrored to the desktop, so that you can seamlessly interact with.

Start screenYou can switch between the Computer and Phone screen

Start screen with the Windows Phone tiles

All Phone tiles are shown on the Windows Start screen

Phone signal and battery status on Windows Start screen

Signal and the battery status.

Interact with the Windows Phone in the Windows

You can interact with the phone directly from you machine.

Incoming call

Incoming call is shown on Windows desktop

Incoming SMS

Incoming SMS is shown on Windows desktop

Writing a SMS from Windows desktop

You can write SMS directly from your desktop.

Unanswered call

Unanswered call

Place a call

Place a call

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